Ask Me anything about my web series funding campaign Melody Match.Me

Helena Clarke (Gold)
Sep 11, 2017

Melody Match.Me is a romantic comedy in a modern setting. It is a non-dialogue story told through visuals and music with references to a music video style narrative.

Felicity is the main protagonist, a desolate introvert soul at first, seeking love and confidence. Her clumsy, geeky and nerdy nature is a formula for a tragic comedy.

The story concentrates around Felicity and her match Donald, who is confused, gentle and also a geeky character, unaware of his perfect match – Felicity. His girlfriend Raquel – who is the obnoxious, self-centered antagonist of Felicity, compliments Donald’s character.

A short series of events lead to the transformation of Felicity from the ‘ugly duckling’ to the beautiful ‘swan’ with the MELODYMATCH.ME dating website being at the centre of this comedy drama.

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