"Stickman Official show" My upcoming webseries, will hit on socialmedia- youtube. But I need your support to crowdfund it and make it a success. AMA

Chris Hein
Dec 6, 2017

Hello all, my Upcoming webseries "Stickman official show"  Really  need all the love around. I will put my heart and soul into this project. It's something I always wanted to do, and I've already made some story boards, and I'm actually ready for doing some of the episodes. They will be fun, bloody, gore, and of course a hell of a comedy ;)  Join the journey with me. You can read everything about it below, with tons of perks you can get.. my instagram https://www.instagram.com/therealchrishein/And my twitter https://twitter.com/ChrisHein95NEW ANNOUNCMENT... EVERYTHING HAS BEEN DELAYED!!! I WILL NOT DO THE CAMPAIGN RIGHT NOW.. IT HAS BEEN EXTENDTED.. UNTILL I GOT THE PILOT FINISHED.

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